Xenocide is a sci-fi miniatures battle system for 6mm or 15mm figures.

Xenocide was originally developed over a decade ago, with bursts of playtesting and revision in between years of neglect. But it is getting close to completion now, at least as a rules set. If you downloaded it back in 2008 from the original Thane's Games site, know that there have been several more iterations since then, each pulling it together tighter than before.

Xenocide offers fast play, streamlined rules, and a well defined unit building system.

Like Armies of Arcana, the goal is to make what happens on the table the focus of the game, not list building or special ability combos.

Xenocide features include:

Downloading and playtesting

The current rules set is version 0.34; you may download it here

This is a generic army list, full of options. Current version is 14

Playtesting discussions can be found on the Thane's Games Forum, under Xenocide.

If you would like to donate to support the development, please tip here!

Current State of Playtesting

11/8/15 - I'm finishing up the titan system and points revisions, so hopefully they will be ready in December

My main concern with the rules right now are the Close Assault System - is it too effective, not effective enough, and does anyone ever use their dice defensively.

I would also like more feedback on the buildings system and their destruction.