The Assault on Goblintown

The goblins of Goblintown have been looting the countryside for too long. A hardy band of adventurers has been assembled to drive them out of their warren and reclaim the treasures they have stolen!



A greedy band of adventurers is attacking Goblintown! We must slay these marauders before they steal our hard earned loot!

The Assault on Goblintown is a strategy dungeon crawling game for two players. The first player runs the adventurers - skilled, armored, magically enhanced, and freshly bathed. They are invading Goblintown to capture their treasure and drive them from the countryside. The second player plays the Goblins - sneaky, tunnel-digging, weak and utterly lacking in the social graces. They make up for it by their unending numbers and ability to make new tunnels to attack the adventurers from any direction!

The game is made from laser cut wood - 20 Goblins, 4 Warriors, 2 Archers, 1 Wizard and 1 Priest. It also comes with 4 laser cut isomorphic boards that fit together in many ways to create a new Goblintown for each game! It is all contained in a hand made, laset cut red plywood box that looks outstanding on any game shelf!

The Assault on Goblintown is available for $40 from the Etsy Store.