Current events at Thane's Games


It has been a busy half year! With the failure of the Terrenus Kickstarter to make its goal, I looked for ways to produce the game on a smaller scale. The tokens were a huge part of the battle; it is impossible to find good, inexpensive tokens! I realized it would be less expensive in the long run to buy a laser cutter to make them myself, so I did.

But then, I realized that even more than Terrenus, I could make some other games with the laser cutter that would not even need printing. I could laser etch the board!

So, a little game called The Assault on Goblintown is now ready for sale! This is a dungeon delve/ strategy game for two players, where one player is a party of adventurers invading a goblin warren to reclaim their stolen treasure, while the other player is the goblins, defending their home and fairly won loot from a scheming band of adventurers! It is an asymetric game pitting a few skilled adventurers against an endless horde of goblins.

More excitingly, Empires of Arcana is now an amazing looking game made with wood pieces and boards, with a few plastic components thrown in as well.

These games are sold in high quality, hand made laser cut red plywood boxes. They look amazing. And there will only be a limited number sold this way - they are very time consuming, and I hope to make them in a more standard format in a few years.

The Assault on Goblin Town is a $40 game. Empires of Arcana is a $140 game. Empires may be sold in a 4 player version (instead of 6 players) for $115.

They can be bought from the new Etsy store!