Thane's Games is dedicated to making fast, fun games for clever people.

There is a boardgame renaissance going on. Growing numbers of adults are learning that the games of their childhood are not what games have to be. New games focus on making decisions that matter to the outcome, not just rolling dice and moving pieces. They usually have defined end points so they don't take several hours longer after the winner is clear.

Thane's Games seeks new ways to play, clever mechanics to make decisions fun and meaningful, and unique themes that appeal to the imagination.

Thane's Games has a backlog of board and miniatures games to finish and produce.

Terrenus: The Game of Gods is currently on Kickstarter, please stop by and support it!

After that, Empires of Arcana needs minor updating and better graphics, but I hope to be able to launch a kickstarter for it in the summer of this year.

The Xenocide miniature rules have continued progressing over the years, and I'm pretty happy with where they are now. I will be putting them up for playtesting in the near future, but I do not plan on making miniatures; there are many excellent sci-fi sculpts and miniatures lines out there now.

Then there are a half dozen other projects in various stages of development that need to be finished.