Check out the videos on the Thane's Games YouTube Channel. The Five Minute Run Through video is a great place to start!

In Terrenus, each player becomes a god playing a game with the mortal world!

The game is played in four phases, each demonstrating a godly ability.

In the Creation phase, the gods build the world the rest of the game will be played upon.

In the Population phase, the gods place their 40 tribes of followers into the world, trying to fill terrain features and plan for the next phase.

In the Construction phase, the gods lead the tribes together, until they can build a temple to the god with the most followers in an area.

And finally there is War phase, where the gods seek to defile each others' temples with monsters and defeat their minions with heroes.

This is an amazing game, like nothing you have ever played! The strategies flow from phase to phase, building into a final frenzy of battle in the final phase. Players earn points with every play, and can earn bonus points at the end of each of the phases.

Terrenus is available as a hand made game until it can be professionally produced. It still looks amazing as it is! It may be purchased for $40 from the store, which for now means through direct contact.

A Print and Play version is also now available. Download it here!