Two new games are available!

These beautiful, limited edition games are made from laser cut wood, and come in laser cut wood boxes! These are not just amazing games, but also pretigious additions to any game shelf.

In Empires of Arcana, each player is a warlord build their empire across a fantasy world. Controlling armies of infantry, cavalry, wizards and dragons, the warlords seek to dominate their rivals through might and magic, while also fending off the attacks of wild goblins. The players can build towns and castles to help protect their territory, and wizard towers and gates each enhance the power and options available to their empires.

Empires of Arcana is a game for 1 to 6 players (yes, it can be played solo!) and takes 2-3 hours per game. It comes with over 700 pieces and three laser etched wood boards.

The Assault on Goblintown is a two player dungeon invasion game. One player is the Adventurers, a party of eight warriors, archers, a mage and a priest. Their goal is to drive out the marauding goblins of Goblintown and reclaim the treasures they have stolen. The other player is the Goblins, defending their home from the invasion of greedy adventurers. The Adventurers have strength and speed and magic on their side. The goblins have unlimited numbers and the ability to open up new tunnels around the adventurers to ambush and surround them.